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We are the leaders for designing and creating custom shower doors in New York City .
At Cheap Shower Door NY we offer the complete package, working with you from the initial design stage all the way through to manufacturing, installation and aftercare.

Architects, designers and building professionals recognise that Cheap Shower Door NY offers unequalled assistance at every step of the way, from concept to completion. This level of service and support sets us apart, offering a bespoke and unique service in this sector which makes a real difference to our clients.

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We are the original
and nobody does it better.

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  We Build

Most of our products are custom designed and require expert measurement, layout and fabrication. Cheap Shower Door NY handles all of this for you in our manufacturing facility.

  We Install

After we have measured, designed and built your glass product, our highly trained and experienced install team will deliver and install the product for you.

 We Service

Since 2010 Cheap Shower Door NY has prided itself on standing behind its products. If at any time you have a problem with your glass product installation, please contact our office and we will be glad to help.

The finest shower doors available, designed, manufactured, installed or shipped by the best technicians anywhere

Our enclosures are made bespoke to fit any area and with a range of glass types, ironmongery and door types including sliding and hinged options - you can be sure it will be thought through to meet both your aesthetic and functional needs perfectly.

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Single Shower Door

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Inline Door and Panels

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90 Degree Shower Doors

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Neo Angle Shower Doors

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Sliding Shower Doors

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Bathtub Shower Doors

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Steam Units and Custom

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Fixed Splash Guards

  •  Lowest Cost.
  •  Highest Quality.
  •  Quickest Turnaround.

We are one of the only companies in existence that owns its own manufacturing facility to ensure the quality product we sell is the quality product you get!
The Cheap Shower Door is adding a huge amount of value at a very compelling price point.


Specialized state of the art equipment in our own factory gives us the ability to create custom high quality products.


We have a great team of individuals that provide the best service and
knowledge to our customers.


Count on us to meet your needs. We enjoy working with new customers to figure out exactly the best solutions.

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Beveled Glass
Beveled glass has an angle cut around the edge of the glass to create a prism effect. The effect is used most often to adorn thick mirrors or windows. The effect changes depending on the thickness of the glass and the angle of the bevel. Glass can be beveled whether it is smooth, textured, clear or colored.
Back Painted Glass
- back painted glass is glass that has been painted on the back side, so that the color shines through when viewed from the front. It was originally used for industrial work, for example, to hide heating ducts and pipes, but it has branched out into more decorative roles. Back painted glass is now commonly used in commercial and residential buildings for items such as counter tops, back splashes, spandrel glass, and colored walls.
Bullet Proof Glass
– Bullet proof glass is the fusion of two or more substances to make a material that is very resistant to high-velocity impacts, such as that from a bullet. Generally, it is not glass at all but rather acrylic, or solid plastic. Acrylic is much easier to work with and install than glass. Bullet proof glass can also be formed by combining two or more layers of soft and hard glass. The soft layer is flexible, allowing it to bend instead of shattering, while the hard glass creates a strong barrier. Alternatively, a sheet of glass may be fused with polycarbonate or a transparent plastic resin. Bullet proof glass may vary from three-quarter to three inches in thickness.
Colored Glass
Colored glass is produced by adding impurities in the sand mixture that is used to manufacture the glass. For example, dark glass units are made by adding iron impurities and sulfur produced as a result of coal burning during the glass melting process. Glass can also be colored using minerals and pigments obtained from purified metal salts. Some of the popular impurities used to color glasses include gold chloride (in case of ruby glass) and uranium oxide (in case of uranium glass).
Decorative Glass
– Decorative glass is used in decorative doors, windows and cabinets for homes and offices. It is the ideal glass for spaces where privacy and elegance are required. The glass is etched, sandblasted, cut, textured and customized to meet individual needs and requirements. These glasses create an attractive look and dramatic effect in any space while pouring the light from corner to corner and creating an open feel.
Digitally Printed Glass
– Digitally printed glass is produced by combining toughened glass with the latest digital printing technique. This process has been able to revolutionize modern interior design and take it to a whole new level by offering a wide range of wall coverings and splash-backs. The printed glass thus created is extremely versatile and can be made to blend with any environment – domestic or commercial. The visual results are full of depth, color, brilliance and contrast.
Etched Glass
– Etched glass is the result of etching or creating art on the glass’s surface using acid and/or abrasive materials. The end product has a white or frosted finish. The technique is used to decorate the glass after it is blown and cast, and can be found in a wide range of decorative elements, such as doors, windows, furniture, vases, dishes and glass platters.
Fire Rated Glass
-Fire rated glass is produced in such a manner that the glass is thoroughly glazed to protect itself from flames and smoke, and to prevent the flame from spreading. The materials used to manufacture this glass include tempered glass and glass ceramics. Fire rated glass used in panel units contain multilayer assemblies to block conductive heat and energy. They are suitable for use in walls, floors, ceiling and glass doors that are susceptible to fire damage.
Float Glass
– Float glass is produced from molten glass that is made to float on a molten metal bed, usually tin. The metal used here varies from manufacturer to manufacturer – some use lead or alloys with low melting point. This technique of glass preparation gives it a flat surface along with uniform thickness.
Frosted Glass
– Clear sheet glass is either sandblasted or acid etched to form frosted glass. The end result is a translucent glass sheet that scatters and transmits light passing through it while blurring images. Frosted glass units are also produced with frosting spray. The spray is made to adhere to the glass and the resulting finish is a slightly pebbled glass surface that obscures clarity. The glass frosting is prevented from seeping with the help of stencils that are laid down with tape.
Glass Tiles
– Glass tiles are produced by combining various glass pieces into one consistent shape. This type of glass unit is used in floors and walls. Modern glass tile technology involves reusing broken glasses and recreating it to form ‘green glass’ tiles. Today, it is commonly found in spas, kitchens and bathrooms.
Heat Resistant Glass
– Heat resistance glass is more resistant to heat than any other ordinary type of glass. This glass is more suitable for cooking, construction and industrial applications where high temperature is likely to cause normal glass to break. Heat resistance glass has a lower thermal expansion coefficient. In other words, it expands more slower than normal glasses when heated, thus preventing it from shattering.

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